Broccoli Sprouts

How the epigenetic benefits of eating broccoli sprouts overcame my genetics and saved my life from cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

We urge you to view the video in its entirety. The information as a whole is nothing short of extraordinary. However, due to its length, we have picked out a few specific time-stamps of importance. 

Mental Health

Ed's Short Bio

Ed is the CEO of Sunny Creek Farm. He studied at Boston University graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science in 1971.

  • Began farming sprouts in 1978.
  • Moved to Western North Carolina in 1981 merging his sprout farm with Lee Ewing’s in 1998 creating Sunny Creek Farm.
  • Ed and Lee’s inspiration was the discovery of the inherent challenges in growing sprouts safely.
  • Doubling their resources and investing heavily into food safety technologies they’ve had a 20-year perfect food safety record.
  • Ed's passions are meditation, golf, and teaching people about nutrition and health.

Additional Story

"When I was 62 I had an eye exam. Afterward, the ophthalmologist told me I had perfect eye health and that he had never seen that in a person over 60 years old. No trace of macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetes in my eye. He asked what do you do to accomplish this? I told him I had been eating broccoli sprouts, 1 1/2 oz. daily since the age of 49. He told me that the science between eating broccoli and retinal health, in general, is so well established that he tells all his patients to eat as much broccoli as possible. Then he went on to say “The problem is you can’t eat enough.” I then told him that broccoli sprouts were 50 times more potent in sulforaphane content than mature broccoli. He responded I’m telling all my patients."

When I saw him again at 64 my eye health was still perfect. By the way, being an avid golfer I’m out in the sun 5 hours four days a week which compounds the feat of not having cataracts.

Then there is the presence of plaque-causing genes and the effect they have on the small veins in the eyes. I began showing the presence of cataracts at my next exam at the age of 67.