Huffington Post article on Broccoli Sprouts and Broccoli


Here's an interesting article from February 29th of this year explaining the difference between broccoli and broccoli sprouts in fighting cancer.


Follow your mom's advice, and eat your broccoli!

Researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University have discovered more insight into just how the green veggie helps to fight off cancer.

The root of it is in epigenetics, which is the term for how factors like diet and toxins can affect our genetic codes and the way our genes are "expressed."

Researchers have previously known that a compound in cruciferous vegetables called sulforaphane helps the body to fight off cancer. That's because the compound works to inhibit enzymes, called HDACs, which are known to work against the ability of certain genes to suppress the development of tumors.

But now, the new study in the journal Clinical Epigenetics shows that suforaphane also works in another way to fight cancer, through a mechanism called DNA methylation.

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