Sunny Creek Broccoli Sprouts


Dear Valued Customer,

You've probably noticed the change from Brocco Spouts on the grocery shelves to Sunny Creek Broccoli Sprouts. I want to assure you that nothing else has changed. You are looking at the same high quality sprouts grown by the same grower using the same safety protocols. Actually, you should also be seeing a decrease in price due the fact that we will no longer be paying royalty fees to Brocco Sprouts.

The Brocco Sprout branding company was recently sold. The new owner wants to raise the price on Brocco Sprouts in order to pay for the increase in fees we would have to pay to his companies. The retail price would have increased significantly. With America in the midst of a slow economic recovery and with fuel prices rising the decision to quit the Brocco Sprout branding company became obvious.


Ed Mills and Lee Ewing
Owners/Sunny Creek Farm

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